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A nice idea for Christmas : Soul Train DVDs!

The Best of Soul Train
, is a 9-DVD set including bonus DVD featuring one-of-a-kind, superstar performances from the best years of this iconic TV show— 1971 to 1979! The Soul Trainfranchise is one of the most beloved television shows of the past 30 years, featuring hip dances, outrageous fashions, and exciting performances from the biggest names in R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop.

Each DVD features the best moments from originalSoul Train episodes, including on-air interviews with artists, the illustrious Soul Train dancers, and even classic commercials from Soul Train sponsors Ultra Sheen and Afro Sheen!

The Best of Soul Train features performances from a who’s-who of classic soul artists, including Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The O’Jays, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, Barry White and many, many more! On top of that, the DVD set includes over 3 hours of bonus features, including exclusive interviews with Don Cornelius, Smokey Robinson, and Jody Watley, among others!

Plus, get a special bonus DVD, “The Soul Train Music Awards,” featuring the first-ever Soul Train awards show with performances by Luther Vandross, Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, and Stevie Wonder! That’s a total of 9 DVDs and 130 performances, the ultimate collection of Soul Train moments for any fan of this classic TV show!

Highlights Include:

Episode 35, Original Air Date: October 21, 1972

15. The Jackson 5
I Want You Back

16. The Jackson 5
Corner of the Sky

17. Jermaine Jackson
Daddy’s Home

18. The Jackson 5
Lookin’ through the Windows

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    1971-1979? INSTANT FUCKING WANT! but damn its expensive.
  2. daphnewonders said: I LOVE IT!!!. I purchased it when it first came out. Wonderful memories!!
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