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ABC, Easy As No. 1

Forty-one years ago today, April 25, 1970, the Beatleswere dethroned by a bunch of kids from Indiana.

It was the British mega-band’s tune Let It Be that topped the charts for two weeks before the Jackson 5came along and claimed the pop-music throne with its tune ABC.

The song made its debut that February on American Bandstand (ironically, but maybe intentionally, on the ABC television network) and didn’t take long before it swept the nation and became a regular on radio stations throughout America.

The song was built on the same structure as the Jackson’s earlier hit, I Want You Back, but the similarities didn’t keep the songs from selling. The LP, which kept the ABC name, sold 850,000 units in its first year of release and more than 6-million copies since. Those first-year numbers are incredible seeing that the R&B genre was mostly a singles-driven market at that time.

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